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     I grew up in a tiny southern Illinois town, more years ago than I care to say.  While in high school,  a friend of mine received a darkroom kit for Christmas.  He didn't have a place for a darkroom so I volunteered a small room in my parents' basement.  He soon lost interest... I didn't. 

     Graduation, marriage, kids... I installed a darkroom in every home for the next twenty-or-so years.      For a time, my interest waned, but about seven years ago, when the digital revolution really began picking up steam, the love-affair with my camera was rekindled.  I love the digital darkroom and enjoy that process almost as much as the field work.    

     Many types of photography appeal to me, but the natural world - landscapes, wildlife, macro - moves me.  Success for me is when a viewer of one of my photos says "I wish I was there" or when another photographer remarks "I wish I'd done that".    

  I hope you find enjoyment in my images.